With his talents, David Lama probably has a lot in common with Tom Ballard.

Moreover, when viewed in terms of age, the two are also not far apart. Both Tom Ballard and David Lama share a great traditional mountaineering spirit. Moreover, both of them did possess some sort of extraordinary talent for making spectacular accomplishments atop a mountain.

David Lama is a Nepali-Austrian mulatto youth who grew up in Europe. His talent was first seen by Peter Habeler who is a Himalayan climber who was the first person to reach the summit of Everest with Reinhold Messner without an O2 in 1978. Under the guidance of Habeler, David Lama later grew into one of the extraordinary rock climbers. He won many rock climbing and sport climbing competitions in various parts of the world.

There are lots of sport climbing competitions that David Lama participated in and won. Some of the famous sport climbing routes he has conquered, for example, are; Route Kindergarden in Slovenia in 2000, Latent Core in Zion National Park, Avaatara in Lebanon, and so on.

But as with many of the names listed in this book, or in other mountaineering books I have written, a climber’s greatest achievement remains in the mountains, not in the cliffs and sporting competitions. And David Lama, his outstanding achievements are still on the mountain. And what’s impressive is that at such a young age, David Lama has made countless interesting ascents over the most impressive mountain walls in the world.

There are at least two of the most popular climbs that could be said about the name David Lama throughout his short mountaineering career. His first ascent was when he booked the first free ascent Compressor Route at Cerro Torre, Patagonia, in 2012 with Peter Ortner.

Then the second peak achievement made by David Lama was when he made a solo climb at Lunag Ri in Solo Khumbu, Nepal. David Lama’s success at Lunag Ri as a first ascent and solo later brought his name as the 2019 Piolet d’Or winner posthumously.

Photo Source: tlsafrica

At Lunag Ri, David Lama partnered with one of the legends of modern mountaineering, Conrad Anker. The duo David Lama and Conrad Anker tried this Lunag Ri in three failed attempts. The first attempt was made in 2015, but retreated about 300 meters before reaching the summit due to bad weather.

The second attempt occurred in 2016, where Conrad Anker suffered a heart attack at 6,000 meters which forced him to withdraw from the expedition. Left behind by Conrad Anker who is unlikely to return due to his health condition, David Lama decided to hike solo. However, faced with such significant storms and difficulties, he then also decided to retreat from the walls of Lunag Ri.

In 2018 David Lama made his fourth attempt at Lunag Ri, and it was in this experiment that he then managed to reach the top with a solo first ascent. This success further reinforces the reputation of a David Lama as one of the high mountaineers with a pure spirit of mountaineering. David made his ascent quickly and efficiently at Lunag Ri.

In April 2019, David Lama along with Jess Roskelley and Hansjörg Auer took a hike into the Canadian Rockies. On April 16 at 12:44 a.m. Canadian time, the three young climbers made it to the top of their target Howse Peak. But it turned out that this peak was also the end of the life journey of David Lama and his two friends, an avalanche was waiting for them on their way down not long after. Neither David Lama, Hansjörg Auer nor Jess Roskelley survived the crash.

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