In his time, Stewart Alexander Lowe or more familiarly called Alex Lowe was the greatest mountaineer in America. He became one of the American mountaineers who received the Underhill Award from the American Alpine Club’s for his outstanding and amazing achievements.

Alex Lowe along with The North Face’s other professional mountaineering team such as Conrad Anker have accomplished so many monumental feats in his career as a professional mountaineer. Alex is known as a very cheerful and friendly person. His motto is; The greatest mountaineers are the ones who have the most fun doing it.

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Alex Lowe is also known for his extraordinary stamina, during the climbing period he used to do pull-ups and push-ups up to hundreds of times while the rest of his colleagues were resting exhausted.

While the others were resting in their tents after getting tired of hauling supplies, Lowe did some activities that seemed a little crazy to others. Alex Lowe’s stamina is really very good because of the training and discipline he applies.

Some of the popular climb undertaken by Alex Lowe include;

  • First ascent on Rakekniven on Queen Maud Antartica in 1997, and first ascent on Great Sail Peak, on Baffin Island in 1998.
  • New climbing routes at Great Trango Towers, Peak 4810 Kyrgyzstan, Kwangde Nup in Nepal, Mount Hunters in Alaska, and more.
  • Ascents at the Matterhorn, K2 in 1986 (failed to reach the summit), Gasherbrum IV, Everest via Kangshung Face in 1994, Khan Tengri, Aconcagua and also Annapurna.
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In September 1999, Alex Lowe, Conrad Anker and David Bridges were in Shishapangma on the Shishapangma Ski Expedition Project.

While searching for the best way to the top of Shishapangma for skiing, a serac collapsed and triggered a sizeable avalanche that headed straight for Alex Lowe and his friends.

The avalanche killed Alex Lowe and David Bridges, leaving Conrad Anker hurled 30 meters with a bloody head, two broken ribs and several joints that looked like they were about to fall off.

The bodies of Alex Lowe and David Bridges have been missing for more than 17 years and were only found on 27 April 2016 by Swiss climbers, Ueli Steck and David Göttler, as they crossed the Shishapangma glacier.

When he died, Alex Lowe left a wife and three children. A few years after Lowe’s death, his wife Jane married his best friend, Conrad Anker, and they lived together.

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