Ian Clough name is quite popular in British mountaineering history. Clough along with other big names such as Chris Bonnington, Doug Scott, Dougal Haston, Don Whillans, Tom Patey and others, became an important part of the annals of British mountaineering history. They are one of the golden generation in world mountaineering, their achievements and reputation in the history of alpinism is very inspiring.

Ian Clough died on his way down after his expedition successfully reached the summit (represented by Don Whillans and Dougal Haston) of Annapurna 1 via the deadly southern flank. The South Face Annapurna expedition at that time was led by Chris Bonnington, this expedition was the first attempt and first ascent climb on the Annapurna South Face.

Considering the Annapurna South Face which to this day still survives as one of the deadliest challenges in climbing the eight thousand meter Himalayan mountain, it is no exaggeration to think that the first ascent recorded by Chris Bonnington’s expedition at that time could be considered monumental and legendary.

On the way down, a serac suddenly released and hit Clough hard. And there is no other explanation except death at that time.

A plaque and chorten were erected for Clough not far from Annapurna South Face base camp. Given his character who is very humble, simple, and very selfless (according to Chris Bonnington’s narrative), then there are so many people who feel lost over Clough’s death.

Prior to coming to Annapurna with Chris Bonnington’s expedition, Ian Clough had made many significant ascents in the European Alps. He, together with Chris Bonnington, Don Whillans, and Jan Dlugosz, made the first ascent of Fréney’s Central Pillar ascent in 1961.

While in 1962, he made the first British ascent of the North Face of the Eiger together with Bonnington. Then in 1968, together with Tom Patey, Clough also listed his name in the first ascent ascent in Am Buchaille, Scotland.

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