Chantal Mauduit is one of the female mountaineers from France with significant achievements. On mountains of eight thousand meters, Chantal’s name fluttered and is still remembered today. Chantal Mauduit is also remembered for her philanthropic spirit for the Himalayan peoples.

In addition to his achievements in the world of mountaineering which is quite significant, Chantal Mauduit’s name also cannot be separated from the controversy that surrounds him.

Chantal Mauduit Controversy

The controversy that becomes a problem when discussing Chantal’s profile is not the controversy about her achievements or her ascent without using oxygen cylinders at various peaks of eight thousand meters. But the controversy surrounding Chantal is over her character during the ascent, which some find uncooperative and ungrateful.

The person who clearly found Chantal to be an attractive person (in the sense of her demeanor to mountaineering) was Ed Viesturs, the great American climber who became the only American on the throne of fourteen eight thousanders without oxygen cylinders. According to Ed, Chantal is an ungrateful person because she never wants to acknowledge the help that other people have given her.

The assessment is based on the experience of Ed Viesturs and Scott Fischers who had canceled their attempt to peak at K2 in 1992 because they preferred to help Chantal who was snow blind.

Then in 1995, Chantal also had to be helped by other climbers when descending from Everest because of symptoms of altitude sickness. Unfortunately, according to Viesturs’ assessment, these two events did not make Chantal improve her attitude.

In addition to this, another controversy that arises when discussing the name Chantal Mauduit is that she is reluctant to carry her own burden during the expedition. Chantal tends to leave to others difficult tasks that she should be doing, such as fixing ropes on difficult mountain sections. Then Chantal is also accused of often keeping food for herself, and using the hard work of others (in climbing) for her own benefit.

Chantal Mauduit Achievements

Although studded with various controversies and accusations that are uncomfortable to hear, the name Chantal Mauduit is also synonymous with significant achievements. At the age of 15 Chantal started climbing in France, she conquered many difficult routes in the Alps and the Andes.

In 1992 Chantal reached the top of K2 (assisted by Ed Viesturs and Scott Fischers on the way down). In K2, Chantal became the fourth woman in the world to reach the top of the second highest mountain on earth. Then in 1993, Chantal reached the peak of Shishapangma and Cho Oyu. Then top of Lhotse in 1996.

And at Lhotse, Chantal made a prestigious achievement. She set a record as the first female climber to reach the summit of Lhotse solo (first woman solo).

From Lhotse Chantal continued his adventure to Manaslu (1996) and also to Gasherbrum II (1997). All of Chantal’s ascents were done without the use of oxygen cylinders.

Chantal Mauduit Died

Chantal Mauduit died on 11 May 1998 at Camp 2 Mount Dhaulagiri.

She died with one of the sherpas named Ang Tsering who became his guide. On the day Chantal and Ang Tsering died, Ed Viesturs was also in Dhaulagiri, and he said he didn’t know exactly what caused Chantal’s death.

While Ang Tsering was buried in Nepal, Chantal Mauduit’s body was taken to France for an autopsy. An autopsy later found indications that Chantal (and Ang Tsering as well) had suffered a broken neck when a piece of ice (or rock) fell and hit the two of them.

The results of this autopsy are in agreement with the statement of Frederique Delrieu (a French climber on an expedition with Chantal) who saw Chantal’s body directly after the incident and confirmed that her neck was broken.


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