Sasha DiGiulian was born on October 23, 1992, in Alexandria, Virginia, United States.

Sasha’s introduction to rock climbers since she was very young, when she was six years old. Her talent for rock climbing and competition was evident by then, so that by the time he was 9 years old, Sasha had already won her first medal in rock climbing.

Sasha DiGiulian Achievement in Rock Climbing Competition

When she was 11 years old, Sasha took over as the champion of the Junior Continental Championship, and did not relinquish the title until her own age was excluded from the class. At the age of 17, Sasha entered the National Sport Climbing Championship and won the race against women of all ages. One year later, Sasha’s achievements were perfected by successfully coming out as world champion in the World Championship.

In her achievements as a rock climber, Sasha has made many prestigious achievements.

For example, she was the first American woman to achieve a grade 5.14d in rock climbing. This achievement also led to Sasha’s name as the number three woman in the world who achieved this achievement after Josune Bereziartu and Charlotte Durf.

Another significant achievement of Sasha DiGiulian, for example, is that she is the first female mountaineer in the world to successfully climb the Magic Mushroom Route on the Eiger North Face. The Magic Mushroom itself is one of the most difficult routes in the Eiger, and Sasha climbs it there with Carlo Traversi with the free climb technique.

Apart from these achievements, Sasha still has many other achievements, especially in the world of rock climbing competitions. It’s no wonder why then Sasha Digiulian’s name is more popular as the champion in the world of rock climbing competitions.

However, this does not mean that Sasha has put aside the traditional climbing style which, in some points of view, is considered more fulfilling the desire for adventure. The first female ascent at the Magic Mushroom, and various impressive climbs on the wild cliffs are a testament to another traditional climbing commitment from Sasha Digiulian.

Sasha DiGiulian Achievement in Wild Rock Climbing

Like the main reason the author put the name Melissa Arnot on the previous few pages, the name Sasha DiGiulian also has a great influence as a female public figure in the world of adventure and extreme sports.

She is a rock climber who is also quite active in campaigning about participation and equality between men and women in sports. We can see this seriousness, for example, in Sasha DiGiulian’s participation in the Women’s Sport Foundation membership and so on.

For her own education, Sasha Digiulian completed her last school at Columbia University where she studied business and creative non-fiction writing.

Sasha Digiulian is also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta which is a women’s fraternity group that oversees many fields such as academics, athletics and others. Kappa Alpha Theta or better known as Theta is more campus-oriented as their main space for movement.

Achievements and Inheritance

Photo source: Best Life
  • The first American woman to reach 5.14d grade by climbing the Pure Imagination, Red River Gorge, in 2011. At the same place, Sasha also managed to repeat the Southern Smoke and Lucifer routes whose second grade was 5.14c
  • Become the first North American woman (and third woman in the world overall) to achieve grade 5.14d by climbing Era Vella in Margalef, Catalonia, Spain.
  • The world’s first woman to climb the Magic Mushroom on the Eiger North Face with Carlo Traversi in 2015.
  • The first woman to climb the Mora Mora Route in Madagascar together with Edu Marin in a free climb, as well as the second climb on the cliff using the free climbing technique.
  • Made more than 30 first ascents worldwide for women category, and created about 8 significant new first ascents.

Achievements in competition

  • International Federation of Sport Cimbing World Championship (IFSC) 2011, 1 gold medal for overall champion, and 2 silver for bouldering and duels.
  • Pan-American Championship in Ecuador in 2010, 2 gold medals in combined and sport classes.
  • The 2012 Pan-American Championship held in Venezuela, 3 gold medals in combined, bouldering and sports classes.
  • USA Climbing National Championship; bronze in 2009 for sport class, gold in 2010 for sport, bronze in 2011 for bouldering class and gold for sport class, gold in 2012 for sport class and silver in 2014 for sport class.


  • GLAMOUR Magazine’s Top College Women of the Year, 2016.
  • Cutting Edge Athlete Award, 2014 presented by the American Alpine Club.
  • The Golden Python Award.
  • Arco Rock Legend Award for outstanding achievements in the outdoor world.

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