Mount K2 in Pakistan is one of the highest mountains in the. As one of the world’s mountain giants, K2 has the perfect aura to become the exploration ground for the world’s best mountaineers. Its height, its history, its peak, even the deaths that occurred on it, are all part of the extraordinary things about Mount K2.

Then, what are the most interesting facts about Mount K2, which is currently a competition field for the best mountaineers in the world?

Well, Arcopodo Outdoor has collected 7 of the most interesting facts about Mount K2 related to its status as the highest and most difficult mountain in the world.

Here is the full review for all of you.

7 Most Interesting Facts about Mount K2 as the Most Difficult Mountain to Climb in the World

Photo Source: Atlas And Boots

The original name of Mount K2 is actually Chogo Ri or Chogori according to the Baltistan people who are the closest area to where Mount K2 is located. But over time, the name Chogo Ri or Chogori is less popular. Another name that was also given to this mountain was Mount Goldwin Austin, but it was also not successful in being popularized.

K2 then emerged as the best known name for this mountain with an elevation of 8,611 masl. This is probably the same as the names Chomolungma and Sagarmatha which are not so popular to know Everest. While Everest is a known name for the highest mountain on earth, then the name K2 is a name that is often known as the most difficult mountain to climb in the world.

So, what is the reason to say that K2 is the most difficult mountain to climb in the world? And what are the interesting facts most often associated with the giant named K2?

Well, here is the full explanation.

#1. Mount K2 is the Runner Up of the World’s Highest Mountain

Photo source: Atlas and Boots

If measured from sea level, it is undeniable that Everest is the highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,848 meters. Meanwhile, if measured from the seabed, Mount Mauna Kea in the Hawaiian Mountains, data is able to outperform Everest with a height of 10,210 meters.

As the world’s highest mountain, Everest is the highest mountain on the Asian continental plate, and all other continents on earth. Because of this height, Everest has become the dream of climbers from all over the world. However when it comes to Everest, its elevation that touches the horizon is the most significant feature of this mountain.

Well, Mount K2 which is located in the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan, also borders China on the north side, is the second highest mountain in the world after Everest. The height of Mount K2 is 237 meters lower than Everest.

But as the runner-up mountain in the world, K2 is certainly the king of high mountains in the Karakoram Mountains, surpassing other popular highest mountains in the region such as Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum, and Broad Peak.

#2. Mount K2 is the Hardest 8,000 Meter Mountain in the World

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The prestige of Mount K2 which is very challenging has inspired many people to make stories about it. In addition to writing in the form of books, the film Mount K2 is also one of the most widely made besides films about Mount Everest.

Some examples of films about Mount K2, for example, are Breathtaking K2, which tells the story of the ascent of Carla Perez and Adrian Ballinger. Then there are K2: The Ultimate High, K2: Tha Savage Mountain, and also Gripping The Summit.

However, do you know what the most famous movie about Mount K2 is?

The answer is Vertical Limit.

Yes, by far Vertical Limit is the most successful and popular K2 mountaineering film. This fictional film, which tells the story of trying to save mountain climbers trapped in the ice crevice of Mount K2, is the most successful mountaineering film of all time to date.

Interestingly, the film Vertical Limit is the only popular fictional film about K2. Other films about K2 such as K2: The Savage Mountain, Gripping The Summit, K2: The Ultimate High and various other titles, are documentaries that are entirely about a climb or tragedy on Mount K2.

#3. Mount K2 is the Last 8,000 Meters Mountain That Winter Is Unbeatable

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If you follow the news about world mountaineering from the internet today, you will definitely know what will happen at Mount K2 in December 2020 to February 2021. There are nearly 60 mountaineers struggling to be the first to reach the summit of K2 this winter.

K2 is the only eight thousand meter mountain in the Himalayas and Karakoram that has not yet reached its peak in winter. The other eight thousand meter mountains known as the fourteen eight thousanders or the Himalayan Crown have all been conquered in winter. Even Everest, which is the highest mountain 8,000 meters, was the first mountain that Polish climbers managed to conquer in the winter of 1990.

Previously there were two eight thousand meter mountains that were invincible in winter; namely Mount Nanga Parbat and Mount K2. Both in the Karakoram Mountains.

However, in 2016, the peak of Nanga Parbat was successfully reached by an international expedition consisting of four of the world’s best mountain climbers, and 3 of them managed to become winter first ascents.

The climbers are; Muhammad Hasan Sadpara from Pakistan, Simone Moro from Italy, Alex Txikon from Spain. While the one who didn’t reach the top was Tamara Lunger, she is a tough female climber from Italy.

With the achievement of the winter peak of Mount Nanga Parbat in 2016, to date, K2 is the only eight thousand meter mountain in the world that has not been defeated in winter.

#4. Fourth Fact:ount K2 is the Mountain that Killed the Most of the World’s Best Climbers

Photo Source; The Mountain Company

Another interesting fact about Mount K2 is its reputation for being unfriendly to even the best of climbers. Throughout its climbing history, Mount K2 has killed many of the world’s best mountaineers. Not surprisingly, for this record, K2 also earned a dramatic nickname, namely The Savage Mountain.

On Mount K2, Pakistan is administratively located in the heart of the Karakoram mountains between Pakistan and Xinjiang, China.

The mountains in this region are famous for their level of difficulty. Even K2 itself is commonly known as a mountain with a level of difficulty far beyond Mount Everest. Death and danger on Mount K2 is a combination of altitude, storm winds, ice avalanches, technical cliffs, and extremely difficult to predict weather.

So, who are the best mountain climbers in the world who have fallen prey to Mount K2?

Some of the most popular are probably; Alison Jane Hargreaves, Alan Rouse, Julie Tullis from England. Then there are also Marty Schmidt and Denali Schmit from New Zealand, there is also Tadeusz Piotrowski and Dobroslawa Miodowicz from Poland, Renato Casarotto from Italy, Fredrick Ericcson from Austria, and a couple of high mountain climbers from France; Liliane Barrard and Maurice Barrard who died in their expedition at K2 in 1996.

With so many deaths of the best mountaineers on the cliffs, it’s no exaggeration to call it The Savage Mountain aka The Cruel Mountain.

#5. Mount K2 is the Last Battlefield of True Mountaineers

PhotoSource: Snowbrains

Furthermore, the fifth fact about Mount K2 that Arcopodo Journal has collected is that this mountain is the mountain where the final mountaineering competition will take place. And this of course has become a reality if you see how enthusiastic the attention of the global mountaineering world for winter climbing in K2 this year.

There are many popular names that are busy fighting for the peak of the K2 winter right now. Some of the names that are quite familiar to know may be; Muhammad Hasan Sadpara and his son; Sajid Sadpara, Nimsdai or Nirmal Purja who last year managed to make a record of climbing 14teen peaks of eight thousand meters in just 7 months.

Besides Nimsdai, Hasan Sadpara and Sajid Sadpara, there are also other names such as Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, Dawa Sherpa, Sergi Mingote, Tamara Lunger, Team Seven Summits Trek and many others. The presence of these big names in the fight for the winter peak at K2 is perfect proof to say that K2 is the final battleground of the world’s best mountaineers in winter.

#6. Mount K2 is the Mountain of Mountaineers

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There are quite a number of difficult and deadly mountains to climb in the world. Besides K2, there is also Mount Kangchenjunga which is the 3rd highest mountain in the world, the 2nd highest in Nepal with its elevation soaring above 8,586 meters. Mount Kangchenjunga itself has 5 peaks around its main peak. These peaks are known as the Kangchenjunga Massif, one of the most famous peaks is called Yalung Kang Peak.

Due to having the 5 highest peaks in the Kangchenjunga Massif, the name Kangchenjunga is also known to mean the Five Treasures of the Snow Peak. The people of the foothills believe that there are so many treasures hidden beneath the Kangchenjunga.

Even though a mountain like Kangchenjunga is famous as a mountain full of charm that beats Everest, it still can’t beat K2. Until now K2 is still known as the mountain of true mountain climbers.

So, if Everest is the dream mountain for many people because of its height, then a true mountain climber will definitely dream of K2 as the mountain he wants to conquer.

#7. Mount K2 is the True King of the Mountain

Photo Source: National Geograohic

Judging from its shape, history of climbing, the location where it stands, as well as the various tragedies that occurred during the process of reaching its peak, many people agree that Mount K2 is the true king of the mountains. So, not Everest, not Kanchengjunga, nor Annapurna being the king of the world’s mountains, but K2. K2 is the king of the mountains on this earth.

From its shape that resembles a perfect pyramid, K2 certainly has a dramatic elevation span and is very technical. Meanwhile, in terms of its location which is right in the interior of the Karakoram mountains, K2 is of course difficult to reach, in fact it took almost two weeks just to reach the foot of the mountain.

The things that make Mount K2 so isolated, so difficult to reach, and so legendary to tell, have established K2 as the true king of the mountains to climb in the world.

Well, those are 7 interesting facts about Mount K2 which is the 2nd highest mountain in the world and is considered the most significant as a climbing terrain.

Now, are you interested in visiting Mount K2 and trying to reach its peak?

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